Come join us for a group dog walk led by

Certified Professional Dog Trainers 

Don’t avoid challenging situations, face them head on. 
With the help of a professional trainer and a supportive peer

group you can Master The Walk.

Improve your dog handling skills. Your dog will learn to 
focus on you, rather than other dogs, and have fun doing it!

March 26th, 2023

Level Offered:
Advanced and Excellent

Divisions Offered:
FEO, Standard and Metallic

 Dog Training


Birch, Anise and Clove

TOTs: $25 each   •  Class Entry Fees: $23 each, or sign up for all six and pay $120
Entry open date: February17th, 2023 @ noon
Entry close date: March 10th @ noon 

or when classes fill
Entries are limited and accepted on a first received basis until classes fill.

For all competitors, volunteers

and judges: 



6 Trial Classes Offered:
Buildings • Containers • Distance 
Exteriors and two classes of Speed 

Performance Scent Dogs Scent Detection Trial

For more information call:

Judy Rivard • 954-647-1079

Lisa Hamburg • 954-415-8132

Trial Location:

The Kastner Residence

 17400 Sunset Drive 
         Southwest Ranches, FL  33331

​​​​For your dog training needs call                        We'll be happy to help!